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Kgbt channel 4 News Coverage of Harlingen Honeys VS SA Texas Cowgirls

By SSFL, 05/30/16, 2:30PM CDT


Kgbt channel 4 News Coverage of Harlingen's first home game, Harlingen Honeys 34, San Antonio Cowgirls

Tonight, play resumed in the Sugar N Spice Football League as Girls Suited up of Full Contact Football action. If you think this league is just girls out there putting on a show … Judge again My Friends these girls are lining up in Football Formation, playing with Football Intensity and makes Athletic Plays .

San Antonio in town tonight (Harlingen) taking on the new comers of the league the Harlingen Honeys in a home debut . Honeys made up of players All from the Harlingen aria including Jen Martinez , see right here She takes it outside gets it to Anna Rodriguez and look at this move she converse the felid and takes the outside, shows the Speed and got it in the end zone for a touchdown.

Now do they Hit Hard in this League, check out this. Harlingen Honeys coming in on the hit and the throw down, big time hitting going on by these girls. Now , Later on Rodriguez  set this up with another niffy run, set the cut back, using the blocker, cut it up field nearly gets in the end zone right there… Set op this little run by martinez who will punch it in… Honeys scoring at will against San Antonio, that game still going on.

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